OutKast: Idlewild

Song: “Morris Brown

How is this song not on the radio constantly? It’s so damn good.

I’m glad OutKast makes lengthy albums, because I’ve needed it over the past few days.

I know when I’ve been taking a lot of meetings because the passenger seat of my car is filled with water bottles. Yesterday it took two hours to get to my cross-town meeting because of traffic, and I live as far east as possible before people go, “‘Don’t you really live in Pasadena?”

The other day I drove past the lot where the Mencia offices were. (Were!) It was lunchtime, and as I sat at the red light, thinking about how I used to walk this corner past the tranny hookers every day for lunch, I saw a group of three guys crossing that corner. I knew in a second they were writers, comedy writers, and they were on their way to our sushi place, where we had our lunch, and they were probably sitting in our offices, which were now their offices, and working on our stage, which is now their stage, and I got strangely jealous, like seeing your ex from years and years ago with a new girl.

Then I started judging them, for no other reason than to make myself feel less nostalgic. I figured they weren’t having as good of a time, or they weren’t as funny, or their show was driving them even crazier than ours did. And I got a little sad about time passing, and how everything always changes, and how all you can do is enjoy what’s good about right now, because it’s only here for a second.

And then another group of writers crossed in front of my car and this time one of them was Seth Green and I decided I had done enough wallowing.

Seth Green: the sobering wake-up call that perhaps you’re making the world revolve a little too tightly around you.