Wolfmother: Wolfmother

Song: “Mind’s Eye

So, Wolfmother.

Tim and I swap CD’s every week on his proclaimed “New Music Tuesday.” I’d intended to share some of these finds over here, as I’ve added quite a few new bands to my collection over the months, but… well, go ahead and say the excuse with me: “I’ve been busy.”

Anyway, Wolfmother.I like Queen. I’ve mentioned my appreciation for The Darkness. I don’t, however, enjoy Led Zeppelin. I’m not even sure if I spelled that correctly, but my apathy for that band makes me unable to open another web browser to go to dictionary.com. Part of the reason I got disappointed over the Racounteurs album is how it sounds like 70’s rock, which makes me feel icky. [See: My earlier rant against Classic Rock.]

I’ll give Wolfmother another shot, because I trust Tim’s taste. Maybe I need to be in a better mood for it, or need to learn a few lyrics so I can try singing along. But what is with this rock band revival? It’s like everybody wants a fog machine and Robert Plant hair. You know what this means? We’re only two years away from spandex pants and open shirts. And that is when I will go on a music strike in protest.

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