Gnarls Barkley: St Elsewhere

St Elsewhere
Gone Daddy Gone

Please click the little picture next to this and buy this CD immediately because you need it.

I went into the Virgin Megastore last night to pick up the new Chili Peppers CD. I haven’t even listened to that yet. I picked up the Gnarls Barkley because I’d read it was good, but mostly on the recommendation of my friend Dave, who always knows the next thing I’m going to love.

I popped it in on my drove home. The first song grooves like the best of Basement Jaxx, and made me wish for a better car, just long enough to enjoy driving down Sunset at night with music that makes me move.

But that’s not what did it for me, that has me looping lyrics in my brain. Three notes into “Crazy, I was beyond hooked. I’ve probably listened to it six times since last night. I even took it inside Dan’s apartment with me late last night, because I needed him to hear this perfect song.

“Two people keep me still in the realm of cool,” he said. “You and my semi-British boyfriend.” As I was gushing that “Crazy” sounded like a song written just for me, he informed me that it has been a number-one single in Britain for weeks, and that he’d heard a piece on NPR about how good the song is. So who’s teaching whom what’s cool? I know Dan would probably interject here that knowing a song is being lauded on NPR doesn’t necessary make you “cool” as much as “nerdy,” but for me there’s very little difference.

Track three, “St. Elsewhere,” is so good it almost beats “Crazy.” Almost.

And then there’s Track Four — a cover of the Violent Femmes “Gone Daddy Gone” that’s so perfect I’m already sad it will be ruined in teen movies and jeans commercials for years to come.

I must confess I’m not too familiar with the second half of the album yet because I keep starting the thing over again halfway through so I can hear the first five songs again.

I’ll get around to that Chili Peppers CD eventually.

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