The Elected: Sun, Sun, Sun

Song: “Would You Come With Me

If Jenny Lewis is the object of my raging girl crush, Blake Sennett is the boy I would have actually dated in high school.

I’d read his poems and he’d read mine, and I’d watch him pull at his bangs, showing me how they’ve grown out just enough now that he can tuck a corner into his mouth and suck on the ends. When we’d talk at night on the phone, me hiding under the covers, him alone in his house, there’d be the constant sound of his fingers on his guitar, the undercurrent of our conversations giving our words more significance. We’d have a soundtrack.

I had all kinds of things I was going to write about listening to this album just after hearing Rabbit Fur Coat, but it turns out while I was driving to work, stee was writing pretty much what I was going to say, including discussing the first time I ever saw Rilo Kiley, when they opened for the Breeders. Blake came out, looked at all of us crowded into this tiny little theatre, and said, “Oh, my God. We’re opening for The Breeders. This is the coolest thing that has ever happened.” And —boom— I fell in love. (The fact that some days he looks like Crispin Glover only makes my geek heart ache even more.)

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