The Ditty Bops: The Ditty Bops

Song: “There’s a Girl

There’s no faster way to get me to resist trying something than to tell me how much I’m going to love it.

So when Jessica promised this would be my favorite new album, I nodded, added it to my Wish List, and promptly stopped thinking about it. But she’s not the only one who’s asked over the past year or so if I’ve listened to the Ditty Bops, before going into that awed face, gushing, “Oh, my God. You are going to LOVE the Ditty Bops.”

I got to where I couldn’t resist the cover anymore, with the girls and the pink, and the name of their band, which sounds like something I’d name a band I formed with my cats.

Three notes into the album I called Dan on the phone.

“I’m listening to your new favorite album.”And I heard the “Uh-huh, great,” from him and recognized it as the same one I gave Jessica so long ago. So I lent him the CD, and within two hours, received this email:”OH MY GOD. This is the best CD ever. EVER. Finally, something Rebecca and I can listen to together. And they play the ‘Sister Kate’ song sometimes on KCRW, but I thought it was just some one-off kitsch band. But it’s not. It’s NOT.”

So, don’t take my word for it. Or even Dan’s. It was Jessica’s word all along, and she’s pretty damn proud of herself for being so right.

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