Woke up to find out I’m a finalist for a Bloggie, for the Lifetime Achievement award. Thanks to those of you who nominated me. It is an honor to be nominated, because with such esteemed company there’s no way in hell I’m winning this thing. But it’s always nice to be flattered first thing in the morning.

It’s also making me feel like I’ve got to whip this site into shape, because now there’s all this company coming over. Nice I haven’t updated in a week. Time to put on the site’s pretty top and fancy shoes and act like it dresses like this every day. Not that this means anything has to change. Hi, new people. Yes, I always update this often.

It’s at SXSW where this website all took shape. My first year of writing, back on ye olde Geocities, I knew I wanted to do something with my site to make it stand out and eventually make me money, but had no idea where to start. SXSW Interactive was in its infant stages, and I went to a panel composed of some now previous Lifetime Achievement winners. It was there I was told to try and get a community going, to find out what my readers had in common in order to advertising revenue, and keep the site constantly changing in order to produce stickiness, and figure out a way to brand myself. Also, they strongly urged me to pony up for the domain name.

I made it a goal to get invited to speak at SXSW Interactive the next year.

I did it.

This is the first time I’ve been nominated for a Bloggie, so I’m terribly flattered. I wouldn’t have without SXSW. Actually, I wouldn’t have many of the things in my life if it didn’t exist, including my husband. So thanks for reading my constant blabberings.

And a big congratulations to the Lovely Ladies of Fug for their multiple nominations.

I guess there’s a week for voting, so if you’re going to click a button for me, you’d better do it soon. Thanks again.

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