Rage Against the Machine: Battle of Los Angeles

Song: “War Within a Breath

Whenever I hear President Bush talk, I always hear Zack de la Rocha in my head. All pissed off and getting antsy as Bush stammers and chuckles through another answer. My favorite part was where Bush had to respond to allegations made by…Kanye West.

How awesome is that? “What do you think about the fact that the guy who wrote ‘Golddigger’ publicly called you somewhat of a racist?” And Bush is like, “I ain’t saying I don’t care about black people, but I ain’t messing with no… I mean… I think I should do a better job of letting African-American people know that I am aware they exist. That’s my fault. I guess I’ve been letting you see how much I don’t care. I’d better try harder to let you know that I’m actively ignoring you. See, there’s a difference.”

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