Spoon: Gimme Fiction

Song: “I Summon You

There are children screaming in this coffee shop, just five feet from me, and I cannot get this song to play loudly enough in my ears.

Spoon is one of those bands I wish everybody listened to, so I can keep bragging that they’re from Austin. I brag as if just the fact that we lived in the same city at some point in our lives gives me any right to claim something to do with their talent. Silly. But there you go. Spoon’s from Austin. They’re awesome.You must hear: “I Turn My Camera On” and “My Mathematical Mind.” And from Girls Can Tell, try “Lines in the Suit” and “Everything Hits At Once.”

They have a sound that makes me hopeful and homesick at the same time. Your feet can’t help but keep the time and your head can’t stop dissecting the lyrics. The songs are catchy and sexy, full of fun and yearning.

I’ve been playing my iPod on shuffle since I pretty much bought it, but this is one album that I’ve actually listened to from beginning to end a couple of times because I wanted to hear every song. Aside from mix CD’s, there have been very few albums this year that made me want to take this time.

So, yeah. Spoon’s from Austin. Did I mention that?

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