Lyrics Born: Later That Day…

Song: “Love Me So Bad

I wanted to find a way to let you hear one of his songs, so that you had no choice but to buy the album right now. Do yourself a favor and do it anyway, before you’re kicking yourself later when everybody else is telling you how talented this guy is.

He grew up with stee, so I had a unique dorking-out experience at a recent wedding. I went up to LB’s mom, shook her hand and gushed about her son. I looked like a groupie. “We played his album at our reception!” Uh… thanks, crazy stranger lady.

Okay, I’m not helping here. I’m trying to get you to click the little picture of the tiny album cover and go buy this thing because it belongs in your collection. Let me try again.

It’s just after morning, not quite afternoon. The sky is perfect blue, your stomach’s empty, someone pretty just woke up next to you, and you want food in your belly and wind in your hair. You pull on something comfortable, pad out the door in your flip-flops, while yanking down a mostly dirty shirt that’s soft in all the right parts.The car is warm, but not hot. Windows down, breeze through the car, you’re driving to In-N-Out, one leg bent at the knee, elbow resting out the open window, sunglasses perched on your nose. The pretty person at your side adjusts your radio. The music is loud, and the beat’s got control of your head, your spine, your butt, your toes. It’s a mellow groove that’s keeping you going until that first, perfect, salty taste of french fry.

But don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself.

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