Dear Pamie, I am a

Dear Pamie,

I am a big fan of your recaps and journal entries. Since people sometimes send you links and things, I thought I would pass this along. My dad informed me that a kid was expelled from his Christian school for being gay–bad enough, I thought, and then I realized I knew him. The article has also been in the Dallas Morning News. I was just wondering if you or any of your readers had any ideas about what to do. This isn’t some hick town (make all the Texas jokes you want, though) but a prominent school in the metroplex. My school is no better, with all of the teachers backing out of sponsoring a GSA because the principal claimed to fear for the safety of the kids involved.

Anyway, if you read this, thanks, and best of luck (and major congratulations!) on your wedding and all the career developments you write about.

-Josh D. in Carrollton, TX

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