Sci Fi fans take note.

A letter from Susan:

I’m as associate editor at Strange Horizons, which is an online science fiction magazine. (We actually say “speculative fiction” instead of “science fiction”, to let people know that we publish a lot of contemporary fantasy, slipstream, and magical realism as well as the straight-up science fiction.) We’re a non-profit donor-funded magazine (like the NPR of science fiction), and we’re in the middle of a fund drive.

We publish the magazine every week, available free to the public, no ads and no subscriptions. As a non-profit, one of our goals is to increase the visibility of underrepresented groups (women, cultural and ethnic minorities, and the lgbt community) in science fiction publishing; as a magazine we’re committed to publishing the best science fiction short stories we can find. (Including one by John Scalzi a year or two ago–I think we were his first fiction sale.)

So that’s the long version of the pitch. The short version is that we’re doing some damn fine work, and we need people to donate money in order to be able to keep doing that work. Donors get gifts and prizes, too.

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