to my central texan comedy lovers

This is all I can do from way out here in LA, but I spent many, many nights at the Bad Dog, and I know some of you have as well. If you ever saw me perform there, saw a show for free, or enjoyed the stories I’ve told that happened while sitting at this bar (hey, donkey suckers and fuckers, I’m looking in your direction), and you live in the area, could you stop by and tell them pamie loves them?

And come on, Kevin Meaney is funny.

Dear Loyal Bad Dogger,

Bad news here at the Bad Dog. Since October, when our primary investor pulled out, things have been rough (no pun intended). This week is make it or break it for us. We won’t have cash to operate on Monday if this weekend doesn’t go well for us.

The good news is, we’ve got an angel coming in next week. However if we lose our lease, there will be nothing left to save.

We’ve tried, and succeeded I think, to bring entertainment to Austin that hasn’t been available here before: sketch comedy with the Upright Citizen’s Brigade and One Hit Wonder, BET acts Myra J, Pierre and Montanna Taylor, improv comedy with the Newtonics and Oxymorons and stand-ups Margaret Cho, Richard Lewis and Jake Johannsen. Whatever your taste in comedic entertainment is, we hope you found something unique here at the Bad Dog.

So this is our last shot to make it work before the doors are closed for good. If you enjoy what we do, we’re asking you to keep this venue alive. We are locally owned and operated and we’re looking for our community’s support. If you’ve received a free admission before, now is the time to buy a ticket. If you’ve been here several times before, please come again this week. You’re the reason we’ve made it this far and we need that support one more time.

There are four ways you can help save our butts. We’d love it if you could do all of them, but since you probably can’t, here’s what we have going on. Pick the one you like or can do, they are all different shows.

If you’re strapped for cash, come tonight to see the all female improv and sketch troup CATFIGHT. The show is at 8:00 and the tickets are only $5. Or print out this email and come in for free, just promise to hit two drinks from the bar and bring all your friends who will do likewise.

Come to the KEVIN MEANEY show Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Buy those tickets now. Even if Kevin isn’t your favorite act, he’s guaranteed not to offend your boss, family or date. Selling out this show will make all the difference to us.

If you’re coming to see JASON STUART next week, pre-purchase those tickets this week. The more cash we have now, the more likely it becomes that we will live to meet our angel investor. Either call with a credit card or purchase on-line.

If none of these things appeal to you, then watch the NBA finals on the big screen here on Sunday and drink the bar dry.

Thanks for all you’ve done for us. We hope to see you one more time this week.

Marc Pruter
The Bad Dog


Don’t let the club close without me getting to say goodbye!

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