i try to donate to charity

but mostly just piddle around

This weekend I am thankful for a couple of things…

I don’t have to do any shows this weekend due to my requested time off.
I don’t have to work.
I just got HBO, HBO Plus, HBO Signature, Cinemax and More Max.

So what is happening this weekend is basically that I start to clean up the house and get sidetracked. Just ten minutes ago I grabbed a bunch of garbage bags to begin cleaning out my bedroom closet and then I walked by the pumpkin that we bought for Halloween but never carved. So basically this huge pumpkin has been sitting on our kitchen counter for a month and a half. But since it hasn’t been touched it’s still good. “I should make something out of that,” I think to myself in my best Martha Stewart voice, and I run online to find a recipe for pumpkin seeds. I found that recipe. What I didn’t know is the pumpkin is too big to be tasty if I made a pie or bread.

Like I could make a pie or a loaf of bread. Who am I kidding?

But I’m willing to try the pumpkin seeds. So after I found the recipe I thought, “Well, I’d better get started, time’s a-wastin’!” And then I thought, “I wonder how everyone else’s Thanksgiving was…” and then I was reading other journals.

“Well, I really should update.”

And here I am, sitting next to three empty garbage bags that are waiting for my Goodwill donations. I had put “Grease” in the CD Player in the living room to get me going and cleaning… but right now all that’s happening is I’m bobbing my head while I type.

And now I’m pretty sure that I’m going to upload this page, make myself some coffee, drink it on the porch looking at the nice rainy day and smoke a cigarette.

Maybe I’ll clean the closet before four.

Maybe I’ll just keep enjoying the time to myself.

That’s what I’m really thankful for right now.

Oh, there’s a new game in town. Well, the game is actually from 1971, but we borrowed it from my parents. It’s called Facts in Five, and it’s kind of like Scatagories. You have a grid of 25 spaces to fill in with 5 topics and 5 letters. It’s really hard. I’m sure it’s the new game of the month.

Thanksgiving’s Facts in Five tally: 

Games Played: 1
Games Won: 0
see? it happens to the best of us…

Last night’s Facts in Five tally:

Games Played: 1
Games Won: 1

but not that often.

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