no room at the inn

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“I hate my sister.
She’s such a bitch.
She acts as if she doesn’t even know that I exist…”

So it’s a little crowded around my place right now.

I’ve got a friend staying with me until her apartment becomes available in a couple of weeks and her soon-to-be-husband stays over on the weekends when he drives up to visit. He will be here on Thursday to stay until the apartment opens up.

so that’s two guests.

Then last night, about nine-thirty, I find out that my sister is en route to come visit with her boyfriend. They are staying “for a couple of days.”

cutey honey

cutey honey

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fifty ways to name your lover

Naming your sweetheart is not something to be taken lightly. In the earliest part of the relationship you are on a very small wire in which something you may say could stick forever and you are given a love name that you neither wanted nor can stand.

You think I’m kidding? You’re lookin’ at a gal that has been labeled such terms of endearment as “pamie puss,” (thanks, Mom) “p,” “encyclopedia pam,” “little miss can’t be wrong,” and “chicken wing.” I don’t want you to suffer the same misfortune.

Never fear, pamie is here to help you through the early time of a relationship (picking a name and getting one picked for you) and what to do if it’s already too late.

smoke gets in pamie’s eyes

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I have been reading this.
It is an article on smoking and people sharing their smoking stories. How they started, how they quit, how they started again.

I couldn’t even finish reading the whole thing without going out for a cigarette.

I smoke and I like to smoke and I know that it’s terrible, I know it’s filthy, I know that I shouldn’t. I know that people die, I know they get sick. I know, I know, I know.

how to woo a girl

how to woo a girl

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are you in love or just another stalker?

Before you decide if you love a girl, it’s very important to know if you are pursuing her, or merely stalking her. One is very charming, and makes your stomach flutter. The other is very frightening, and makes your stomach hang in that lower part of your spine reserved for your kidneys.

play on

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I’m hyper. Hyper. Sugar good. Very good.

Honestly, I don’t know how anyone works without it. I tried when I was in my Atkins phase. That sucked. And I’ve just committed myself to the fact that I kind of like that sugar high. I don’t do drugs or anything, so allow me the feeling of a nice sugar high combined with a caffeine head rush.

LA woman

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I’m back. Did you miss me?

I had just written this entire page when my Netscape crashed… so I’m doing it again.

The show went well. Really well. We had people stay to chat, and go out with us afterwards to get nice and drunk. We are a friendly troupe, I’ll tell you that.

fraidey cat

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I’m leaving tomorrow. On a jet plane. Going back to Cali. I’m fitting all the cliches in here that I can.

Why I can’t keep a girlfriend.

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Women are weird.

That’s been my big revelation over the week. The shower is over and I was the “odd girl out,” what with being the only person there not married, getting married, or pregnant…I kept running into the other room, slamming the door and chanting:

I don’t want babies. I don’t want to get pregnant.
I don’t want babies. I don’t want to get pregnant.

i Have a Big mOuth.

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I’m losing my mind.

I’m going to Hollywood in a couple of weeks to perform/audition for a cable company (sounds like “ItchKnee, Yo”). My troupe is going and we are putting on a little show for them. That’s how some people refer to it. The “little show.” Like I’m still in the third grade and my mom is making me a costume of a giant milk carton. I guess it’s hard to explain what it means when it looks like we’re scrounging together all this money to go and we’re hoping that they notice us. That makes it look like a “little show.” That and the show is only 45 minutes long.

loving the snail.

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I am very happy.

Just got a call from my apartment complex…”Are you missing, like, a ton of mail?”

am I…