one woman’s response

From marinakat: [readermail] Subj: Roaarrr! Date: 16 July 1998 Here’s an interesting thought. Do you think that Time thinks feminism is dead because women have stopped trying to change things from outside the system and have finally found that they are making huge strides within the system? Why should we give up what we like? … [Read more…]

fight or flight

So interesting is the human reflex when fear kicks in. We call it “fight or flight.” What I really love is the way that you think you should behave is not always how you react. Exhibit A: I have a friend, we’ll call him Larry, who is a big talker. Nice guy, big talker. Doesn’t … [Read more…]

feminism and death

Oh, Time. If you haven’t read the article, read it now. Then we’ll have a little “rap” session, as Time wishes we would still do, sitting in a circle, with beads and crystals all around us, discussing babies and the “evils” of alcohol.”Is Feminism Dead?” I equate this question with “Is self-esteem dead?” “Who likes … [Read more…]

take your time

She liked to take her time. That was part of her problem. The world often went too fast for her. She never had time to decide what she really wanted to eat, and usually settled on something that she had before, that she felt safe with. The same thing would often happen when shopping for … [Read more…]

say anything (stargazing…)

I saw Lili Taylor at Ruta Maya Coffee shop last week. I knew it was her. Man, she looked just the same. She’s just about my height, just a little shorter, and just as pretty as I thought she’d be. How appropriate that she was in Say Anything…, because I did anything but that. I … [Read more…]

Sick Me.

Do not taunt the child. I’m sick. I’m tired. I don’t know what’s going on in my body, but stupid me decided to try that Atkins diet (low carb/ high protein) and I feel like shit. My head hurts, my stomach hurts, food makes me sick. I can’t stop crying because I got my period … [Read more…]

atkins schmatkins.

Do not taunt the child. Screw the diet. So here’s what happened. My boyfriend lost a ton of weight, continues to lose a ton of weight, feels good, looks good… pisses me off. I on the other hand, lost a couple of pounds, but they were all in tears. Man, I cried at the drop … [Read more…]

fear me. loathe me.

So I’m a little upset. I just finished watching Eve’s Bayou last night. Man, it was incredible. I can’t believe it didn’t get ANY nominations last year. I mean, it was well-written, had direction that utilized theatrical conventions, it had strong performances from young actors (usually the pit-fall of every major motion picture) and it … [Read more…]