1. Monica

    Yay for new books! I’m just glad I’m not waiting on deaths door for it like I was the last time. Let us know when we can pre-order I will pre-order the shit out of that thing and peer pressure all my friends in to doing the same. I’ve been called a book bully…and I like it.

  2. The woman on the right side of the book cover makes me think the Polish title is “You Take It From Here, Or Else.”

    I like to think when your child is old enough s/he will read your site and choose Qwerty as a nickname.

  3. ponygirl

    Yay Little Pam! Yay!!

    Can’t wait!

    And part of me hopes that eventually we will learn that the joke is on us, and the baby’s name really *is* Qwerty.

    I mean, not really. But kinda.

  4. Annie

    Yay for Little Pam! Yay for your kid’s privacy!

    (My father just chewed out my older brother for sending a photo of our nephew to some random person who apparently REALLY LIKES KIDS in Syria. Because why…I don’t even know.)

  5. Nicole

    “Look at me, I’m Chandler, could I *be* wearing any more clothes?”

    Sorry, you mentioned wearing all of the clothes, and I couldn’t help myself. Moving on

    I have to admit, a very sick and secret part of me hoped you had actually named your child Qwerty.

  6. Yay for new blog posts and new books! It’s always lovely to see you on the Internet, and elsewhere :)
    And wow, 15 years – that is a long time. And even longer in Internet years!

  7. Heather

    Love the small Texas town description. I attended a birthday party in your old hood last weekend and my has that area blown up. Some day, if/when you have a half-hour to fritter away, Google Earth it. Talk about 15 years of changes. Happy birthday to your mom!

  8. avis

    Nook version-Please?!?!?!

    If you come to Baton Rouge (or even New Orleans) on a book tour I will go and I will buy a hard copy but I really love my e-books.

    I will actually buy it twice because I have to have an e-version to read with me at all times.

  9. Somehow I missed your massage story the first time around. Now, I have awakened my dog with the terrible noises I’ve made, trying to stifle my laughter. God bless you.

    And I’m also very excited for your new book! Maybe I can have you back on The Outside Lane for another interview to promote it?

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