1. Robyn Jamison

    I have never wished I could be a derby girl more.

    (Do they have managers on the teams? … Lol)

    I’ve got the mommy thing down (i can juggle twin 7 year olds and no husband GREAT by now all while being sick!!) but sure wish I had the confidence, etc.

    Thanks for this!! You’ve brought a huge smile to my face today and I’m giving myself the title of honorary derby girl for today cuz I feel that car accident gave me a little street cred. Lol

    Love you Pamie! As always! Miss you sis and hug mom for me!! Hope she hasn’t made you cuckoo for cocoa puffs yet.

    xo – Robyn

  2. Also, motherhood will prepare you for roller derby. After a day of dealing with an irrational little person and his bodily fluids, you’ll be totally ready to hip check the nearest consenting adult.

  3. Shawn

    I am still sad that I never got the chance to see you on skates. :)

    (I am still plugging away at derby, back in Fresh Meat at the moment rehabbing after a broken ankle and becoming bionic last August. Sending my best wishes to you and your family.)

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