1. Lisa

    I didn’t know per-ordering helped you, but I’m extra glad now that I did.

    I am eagerly awaiting my delivery, and I almost want to order another one as a gift for my BFF, but I’m scared it’s going to be too sad. I should probably just do it though.

    I’ve loved your writing for years – very happy to have a new book to read.

    • Thanks, Lisa! Here’s why:

      1 – Higher pre-orders signal to book resellers like Amazon and B&N that they need to order more copies.

      2 – Higher pre-orders signal to your publisher that they need to do a larger print run.

      3 – Pre-orders count when the book ships, which can greatly impact your book’s sales numbers in the first week it’s on-sale. Which also greatly impacts its chance of making all those bestseller lists! [source]

      I feel like your BFF would know your heart was in the right place, and I promise the novel’s more funny than sad.

      • Lisa

        Thanks for the pre-order information, it makes sense.

        I’d like to pre-order a copy for my Kobo reader, but I’m kind of new to the world of Kobo, do you know if I can pre-order there? Does the US even have Kobo – or is it a Canadian thing?

        If I can’t pre-order Kobo, I’ll just order another physical copy.

        • pamie

          I only know of Kobo because Dave, who designed the site, links to it on my main page. They have all my other books, but no mention of this one. I’m not so familiar with how Kobo works, but it looks like they don’t do pre-orders.

          Is it Canadian? (Dave is Canadian.)

          • Lisa

            It is Canadian – our version of the Kindle, I guess, it’s affiliated with a large bookstore chain.

            I’ve emailed them about pre-orders, but I’ll probably have to wait until release date if I want to get the book electronically.

  2. Beverly

    Pamie, I just pre-ordered the hell out of your book. Don’t know why it took me so long! Best of luck to you on the tour, hoping to catch you in the Bay Area!

  3. Karen

    I was waiting to buy your book at Skylight Books on Tuesday but now I’ll definitely preorder. You don’t sign Kindle copies do you?? (I am nerd about getting books signed by favorite authors.)

    • In the past I have signed Kindle covers, and I’ll have little promo cards for the book that I can sign and you can stick inside your Kindle (or some past book of mine you might have bought). Hooray! Thanks, Karen!

  4. Meg

    I had pre-ordered the book but had to cancel it because of severe money problems. I am so sorry, Pamie, but I promise I will re-order the book as soon as I can.

  5. I’d ordered one for myself (in January) as well as a Kindle copy (in February). But I always buy a few copies of your books for friends so went ahead and ordered them today so they’d count in your pre-orders. Amazon is still telling me they won’t come ’til the 6th. Odd. The one for my Kindle says it’ll be delivered on the 3rd, though, so I’m all set no matter when the non-digital copies arrive!

    • Pamie

      Lady, I can’t thank you enough.

      Amazon is estimating the shipping on that 6th, but the books ship whenever they’re ready. I’m not sure if the holiday is what makes them give a delayed date, but every previous book I’ve written delivered before the release date.

      And yes, your Kindle book will be there at midnight on the 3rd. Hooray! And thank you again!

  6. Scott

    Here is the reason I already pre-ordered…I’ve been immensely enjoying your writing for years now without having to pay a dime, both here and at TWoP. Even though this doesn’t seem to be the type of book I would normally read, I’m happy to throw a little coin your way to say THANK YOU for the hours of entertainment you have provided. Good luck with the book, and much deserved success!

      • Scott

        Oh, and now I get to update and say that I just started the book this morning, am already over halfway through (even though I am technically at my office “working”), and I have already cried five times.

        Hooray for trying new things! Hope to see you on the 20th in the ATL!

    • pamie

      Thanks, Stephanie! I believe that sale will help once the indie store reports back to BookScan or the publisher or something like that. Book sales are slightly mysterious.

  7. Alicia

    I Pre-ordered weeks ago and I’ve been counting down the days till the 3rd so I can download it on my kindle!! So looking forward to devouring it tomorrow night.


    Since I’m a lameass who has to get a bunch of roller derby ads done for the next game(I’m fantastic at procrastination!) as well as get ready for a weekend motorcycle trip, I can’t crash your LA book signing. So I bought your book for my Kindle instead. Win/win!

  9. Sux

    Sorry I missed the pre-order but got my order in today. I have a Kindle but I got the physical book so I can share it. Books rule.

  10. Pamie – thanks for the link-back!

    I enjoyed your book more than a little, I think what came across as “grudging” was supposed to be “pleasantly surprised”. I would grab another by you without reservation, despite the fact that you write in a genre I don’t usually frequent. I will bow to your greater knowledge of Southern accents – I’ve never been further South than Tennessee, so my knowledge is based largely on TV and movies. (Inbred cousins and people who still own slaves, indeed)

    Congrats on the Scalzi Big Idea – that will almost certainly help your sales more than my little blog.

    • Hi, Mike!

      Thank you so much, both for the review, and for this above. I was joking a little about your grudging enjoyment; you’re the second review I’ve gotten along the lines of “I was really prepared to hate this, but I ended up enjoying it.” Which, I have to say, is flattering/rewarding. Thank you again for taking the time to read and review the book on your site, and if you do read any of the others, thanks in advance.

  11. Hello, nice to meet you!! I have been reading your new title before knowing about your blog, cannot wait to browse around. As for You Take it From Here, I am near the end and enraptured. The characters are so involving, causing me lots of emotional reactions. LOL I wish I had read this in time to meet you somewhere in the south! ~oklahoma

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