1. This really took an unexpected turn at the end there… If any story has ever deserved a slow clap-into-standing ovation, this story is the one. Incredible, every moment of it.

    I mean. You THREW UP on the Orient Express after drinking and smoking all night with the staff! Who knew about your show! And they played your mom’s song three times! And made her a pink squirrel and a birthday cake. I want to go on the Orient Express so bad now. They should pay you as a marketing consultant.

  2. Scott

    I don’t know you, and I don’t know your mom, but I am sitting here AT WORK with tears in my eyes. And I work in finance and accounting, where any emotion is severely frowned upon.

    Thank you for (another) fantastic story. You are a great writer, and an even better daughter.

  3. This whole series has made me smile. I have a wonderful relationship with my mother, and it always makes me happy to hear (or read) about other women with similarly wonderful relationships with theirs.

  4. Pure gold. Even the vomiting. One day, when I am on the Orient Express (it will happen), I will drop your name and be treated like royalty.

  5. Cas

    I’ve read through all these entries, and they are fantastic. They also bring back memories of traveling with my family, which is not always so fantastic. I can’t wait to read about Paris.

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