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inbox, part eight.

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It has been a very difficult week. Picketing in the rain was the least of the crappy things. So, when it gets like this I post mail from y’all, because it reminds me of how big and huge the world is, and how lucky I am.

I kind of disappeared there for a month back in December. It’s been rough sometimes, and this isn’t always the best place to come and write about it. Thanks for hanging in there. And thanks for checking on me, Internet Moms and Dads.

First, a couple of things about my John Henson/Jon Stewart story.

John Stamos used to be on my list of “Dislikes,” but he no longer is.

Secondly, I wanted to say I was grateful for the amount of email that came in about this story, but when I noticed it was so many of you writing to say you couldn’t stop laughing I realized that I really am the only one on the world dumb enough to have done what I did. I know you’re laughing with me and not at me, but Allison has sworn to never let me live this moment down and she wasn’t even there!

January Mail:

subject: hang in there.

so says my dad.

seriously, I am sparing you the bulk of it and all the pathos giving background, but he asked me to tell you, and your tiny friend (yeah, okay. I told him about how you made yourself a camisole from a japanese pattern and had to send it to AB, and it made him very happy, because when I was very young his best friend was a japanese scientist and my 6 feet tall mother used to be the same size around as the wife of the japanese scientist (also japanese, and only 5 feet tall) and they would sometimes share clothes) to hang in there. that you’re good. doing good and good people. you’re part of history, and he knows that that’s no comfort and no use, and also no small thing.

he said very specifically to tell you that he is not a believer. and that he believes in you and that you will be fine. whatever it feels like today, you can trust yourself to come out of it okay.

I’m sorry to be relaying to you the messages of a strange cranky old dad, but I love him and he doesn’t ask much. I don’t know why it is important to him to keep up with you and send you these messages, but it is.

best wishes.



I was reading yesterday about the 1914-1915 strike by workers at the Fulton Bag and Cotton Mill in Atlanta. It came to my attention that during the strike the United Textiles Workers Union set up a commissary to help feed the hungry and unemployed strikers out on the picket line.

I hope your union is doing the same, in an updated and Hollywood kind of way. Skim lattes, gluten-free muffins and pomegranate smoothies.

And I need to say right here that the only reason I have not being throwing my support your way on a regular basis is that I REALLY REALLY REALLY thought you would be in Monroe over the holidays. I didn’t want to ruin the surprise or make you lie.


I just read your bit about John Henson. I can’t believe you’re still alive. I’d absolutely have killed myself.

Seriously, I just laughed real loud for at least 15 seconds at work, and I’m notoriously apathetic and quiet here. My laughing is an oddity.

Could you please picket harder? I’m sick of TV being dead.

Love you,

Your recent post about the John Henson/Jon Stewart gaffe made me laugh out loud and hard. My assistant actually came into my office because she wanted to know what was so funny. GREAT story; thanks for sharing!

Hope you are well and that you can pick up a pencil soon!


Hey Pam,

I am writing to you from the UK and am so so glad I found your site, you are so funny!! I broke my arm at work and am stuff watching awful daytime tv (my god, UK tv is awful!)

The weird thing is (omg you’re gonna think I’m some kook!) is that my cat is humping everything in sight and now my arm is broken and cast up to the elbow…well I’m basically a sitting target. Google made me stumble upon your site to postings way back in 2001 when you were talking about your cat doing it to you! Those postings just made my day, I have been dying laughing and it really cheered me up. I navigated to your home page and have been rapt for an hour now.

Just found out you are in the writers strike, I cant believe how long its going on for! You guys should be getting the deal you all so rightly deserve.

Anyway, I’m gonna go back to reading your postings, just wanted to let you know that you have cheered someone up halfway across the world!!

All the best,


[Some of you find me because you're looking for help shaving your underarms. Some of you find me because your cat won't stop humping you. All are welcome. All are welcome here.]

Hello pamie!

1) I just finished reading Why Girls Are Weird. You made me laugh. You made me cry. I haven’t enjoyed a book that much in a long time. Thank you.

2) Next up, I will be reading Why Moms Are Weird. I’m very excited.

3) I loved your entry today (Name Dropping…and Shattering). I can’t tell you why I think it’s so freakin’ fantastic, but I do. Perhaps it’s because I, too, love John Henson, and hadn’t thought of him in years.

So, there are my few things.

Heather B.

P.S. Dwight’s still holding his picket sign. We’re still with you all the way.

Hi Pamie,

I just wanted to send you a quick note that I, like I’m sure dozens if not hundreds of other people :), love your writing. I only discovered the Television Without Pity website about a year ago and have been recently re-reading your Gilmore Girl entries. I had such a love/hate relationship with that show over the years so when I started reading your write ups I was thrilled to discovered that I wasn’t the only one who tired of Rory’s princess like life. :)

Anyway, enjoyed your TWoP write ups, enjoyed your books – especially “Why Girls Are Weird” and enjoy your website. Hope the strike ends soon with something you guys are happy with – partly because I miss my shows and partly because I know you guys deserve a bigger piece of the pie. My mom’s in a union, so I know how important something like this is.

Rock on!

Amy from San Diego

Dear Pam,

I wanted to drop a line or two, as a longtime reader, and wish you well. I have been reading your blog since you were in Austin and have faithfully watched your life evolve to where you are now. I must say, I’m proud of you more now than I have ever been. I’m 38, and a bit older, so I hope that doesn’t offend you when I say I’m proud of you.

I know you’ve been through a lot here lately, but it’s these times when our lives are in the toilet that we change and grow the most. I have a feeling something wonderful is going to come from all of this, not just from the strike, but for you personally. You are an incredible person, and I have enjoyed everything you have written; I watch every show you’ve done and read everything, by the way. I’m your own personal suburban-housewife/mother-of-three/stalker. So I feel right in saying, hang in there dear lady, you’re going to get through this. Just say to yourself “I can do this, I’m already doing this”.

I will be here reading.

Take care and God bless.


The Woodlands, Texas

Hi there, Pamie,

I click on by your website every once and awhile since the writer’s strike. (I’m SAG and live in LA)

Anyhoo, from your post on 12/15 and a few earlier ones, it sounds like you’re getting tired. For obvious reasons.

I wanted to say what my Dad always says. “Don’t let the bastards get you down.” [Which if you knew my Dad you would realize is actually pretty funny, because "bastard" is about the worst word he'll ever use. (he hates swearing)]

Keep up the faith. And thank you to you, and the WGA, for helping set a precedent, so that maybe SAG won’t have to strike this coming June.

Or if the sh^t hits the fan, we’ll be joining you. And then we can write and act out skits on the picket lines. We can probably even get wardrobe to join us, so we can all walk around in weird outfits. It’ll be like improv class all over again… :)

Happy New Year!

P.S. “Samantha Who” is my favorite new TV show of the fall… And when Samantha cries at the end of your hypnotherapy episode when she tells her Mom that she wants her in her life, I cried.

subject: Could i BE any more supportive?

Heh, ok, sorry, couldn’t resist.

I’m sure this is one of a million emails you must have received by now – I’ve read dozens on your wonderful site – but I wanted to throw my two cents in as a longtime fan.

I’m so impressed to see not only all of y’all out there every day, but the support coming in from all sides. Cheers to you all for keeping it together and stepping up to the plate.

I’ll be staying away from internet viewing, dvd box sets, and everything else until the WGA has their piece of the pie.

Besides, it will give me a chance to re-read all those fab Gilmore Girls recaps.


All the best,

December mail:[Man, I feel bad that I just about dropped off the face of the Internet in December, but I needed a little break. I picketed and leafleted (look for an entry on that later), but I also went home for a week for Christmas. It wasn't long enough.]

Hi Pamie,
Apologies if you’ve already mentioned this elsewhere on your blog, but I was wondering: I’m a writer (novelist) in the UK, and am wondering if there’s anything we Foreign Writers can do to show solidarity with you lot? Because I know that many, if not all of us are behind you 100%.

My parents are both actors and my dad in particular was very involved with an actors’ strike in Australia in the 1990s, so I know the extent to which the producers can screw the creatives over. I’m really impressed with the level of commitment that the WGA is showing, and I’m thinking of you guys – hang in there!

Jess x

So you know how you help the liberries and stuff? And now you are helping the strikers? By being a striker? But I am up in the Bay Area and furthermore I am not a script writer and I do not know how to help the strikers? Can you give us Big Fancy Stuff to do to help the strikers? Cause it is bad enough that they try to screw writers over, and then that you guys have to walk around getting all sunburned and eating things you find in your pockets, but now people are jogging by and punching you in the (sign) head, and that is OFFSIDES!

Seriously, what can the rest of us do to help? Send freshly-baked cookies? Crochet mean letters to Rupert Murdoch? Train our cats to growl “PAYYYY WRRRRRIIITRRRRRRSSSSS” on command? I have one that I think is getting pretty close, because she moved in here with my girlfriend Annie and is pissed off at all the new (to her) cats I have. I am pretty sure if I explained the writers’ strike to her in a metaphor involving these asshole cats trying to steal her food and crap all over her litter box, we could get the rest of the way there. Just say the word and I will get on it!
- Dani

[Man, I'm not even sure what to tell you guys right now. Just keep being supportive and hope the talks go well this time. I'm staying skeptical, but that doesn't mean I don't still have hope.]-

Pam,I still haven’t had a chance to call the WGA offices, but I did find this about supporting the non-writing staff folks that have been off work. I heard that things have come to a bit of a standstill as far as negotiations, but I hope things can get resolved as fairly as possible. I’m so glad I have a bunch of stuff saved on my TiVo to tide me over for a while!
Happy holidays!

Hey there! I have been meaning to drop you a line for a while now, and I’ve finally come up for air here. I have been slaving away in Story Departments for the latter chunk of this year (“Girls Next Door” and currently “Trading Spaces”), which has kept me obscenely busy lately (that and booking a national commercial for Fed Ex, which is a SUPERBOWL SPOT, so you can imagine my excitement).

With all this activity, I have been unable to join you guys on the picket lines. But please know that I am behind you guys 100%. I think you guys are doing the right thing, even though it really sucks to have to go through it. I was at a party Saturday night where a guy (who isn’t even remotely in the industry) was going off on the WGA and saying that writers are greedy bastards. I then smacked him down (politely), actually citing one of your blog entries about the reality of being a working writer in this town. That promptly shut him up. While I might not be there on the line physically with you, I do have your back… both you individually and the WGA collectively.When both of our schedules free up soon, we should definitely get together for coffee or brunch or something similar.

Hang in there, girl.

Sincerely,Jon Collins

Hi Pamie,I occasionally pop over to your journal/blog and am always impressed by the quality of writing.I’m Canadian and work for a unionized organization that in October, came off a 12 week strike. I support what you’re doing; you deserve to be recognized for all of the work you do. Just know that I, personally, stand in solidarity with you.I know strikes can be times of incredible stress. I’ve been through two of them. We were prepared for this most recent one, and it still hurt – not just financially, but in terms of how I feel about myself and how my employer treats me. Its not quite the same situation as what you’re in but the message is the same: stay strong for what you believe in. And I’m sorry you got smacked by some passer-by. That is completely inappropriate; she should be grateful you’re standing up for your rights.

In solidarity,

subject: they’re walking in albuquerque!
And I can’t find any information as to where!
I’ve read that yesterday’s picket in Santa Fe was the first picket outside of New York and L.A. I was excited. I was even more excited to see that the local WGA members would be picketing in ABQ today, but dang if I can’t find any information about the location or the time. I’d be there with brownies and cookies and coffee, and I’d hoist a sign, even though I’m only a freelance news writer and occasional editor.I’ve got my red shirt ready — if you have any information on later New Mexican strikes, I will be there.

[I've tried to find where the nationwide pickets are, but I haven't been able to. My only suggestion is to call the WGA Headquarters and ask for information about the Strike Captain in your state (there's one in each state, we were told), who could tell you about upcoming picket information. And thanks!]

Dear Pamie,

Please get on Twitter so you can keep this long-time reader informed, up to the minute. I worry about you and wonder if you’re eating well. Also, do you need anything? Bandaids for blisters? Gatorade? Sunscreen?I’ve read you since the Austin days and feel like we grew up together. Even though you have no clue who I am. And even though I sound like a 60-year-old busybody. ;)

Take care. Really hoping this is all over soon. This isn’t just about TV writers but about how our society takes care of the recorders of the human experience. We cannot exist without our storytellers.

Katherine Gray

[If I was on Twitter I'd be so annoying. "Currently ordering coffee. Currently making pot of coffee. Currently thinking about where to next get coffee." I do love Evany's Twitter feed, though.]-


I haven’t written to you about the strike yet. At first I wanted to but was trying to compose what to say. And then other people wrote to you, and their letters were so good (some brought me to tears) that I knew my letter had to be REALLY GOOD. Then it was too difficult. But… I want to say I totally support what you are doing and I try to preach to people every chance I get about the strike.That being said, I also want to say that I totally feel you on being angry at that runner. I had a situation on Monday evening that is still irritating me (and is, incidentally, related to the strike). I had met a friend of a friend that day, and we all went to dinner that evening. The friend of a friend was from out of town, and she was talking about her routine in her hotel. She mentioned how she will set up her laptop, go to, and watch “Heroes” while she puts in a workout DVD on the TV. So she can workout and catch up on “Heroes” at the same time. I said, “You shouldn’t watch TV online!” And she looked at me like I was nuts, and I explained that that was part of what the writers’ strike was about, and no one should watch TV online until the strike is settled. She rolled her eyes at me and said, “Well they all get paid more than I do anyway,” and went on with her story. I guess I kind of made a squeaking sound at that, because she just sort of glared at me while she continued talking. And I admit, the conversation wasn’t about the strike and my comments didn’t fit into her story at all. But it also made me angry because she had just been talking about how huge her house is and how much money her dad left her when he died and stuff. And that just makes me mad, because I just bought my first home. It’s about 1100 sq. ft, and I paid less than $100,000 for it. I watch those house hunting shows sometimes, and I’ve seen houses in California that are smaller than mine going for $600,000 so… I don’t think you could compare salaries in Louisiana to salaries in California anyway. Even if what she said were true. It’s amazing to me how angry that incident has made me, and how it continues to anger me.

So now you know that a nobody in Baton Rouge, LA is fighting for you every chance she gets, even to the detriment of future friendships. I know my boyfriend is already sick of hearing about the writers’ strike, but he has to put up with me anyway. Hee.


PS – Good call to whoever it was on the staff of “Samatha Who?” for using Poe’s “Not a Virgin” in the episode, “The Virgin.” I did a double-take and then pissed myself out of shock and excitement.

Hey Pamie,

I’ve read your blog since I was an angsty, goth-tastic high school student almost a decade ago. “Long time reader, first time writer” – is that a clam? I think so.

Anyway, I just wanted to write to say – What the fuck? What kind of insane whacko hits someone? That’s just nuts, and I’m really sorry it happened to you. I would have been scared, sore, and then pissed off. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to be funny about it, but that’s why you are pamie and I am not.You rock.I get upset every time I see ads for web content these days. My husband and I watch almost all of our TV on DVD (I’m a dog trainer, and work most evenings and weekends, so TV watching time is minimal and we are in until-recently-Tivoless Canada) but we have not bought any of the series we were planning on buying, and we won’t until you guys get a fair deal.Good luck. Even though I am sad not to have new TV to watch, I’m happy that you guys are sticking to your guns. It’s probably frustrating, scary, and more than a little bitter-making to see this go on so long. But there are people supporting you! People who, if they were in LA, would bring you a coffee and an advil if you needed. And who would not smack your sign.

Even if the strike goes on for months and months (which it hopefully won’t!) we are supporting you.


Hi, Pamie,

I’ve been reading your blog for a few years, now, and I just wanted to send my encouragement for the WGA strike. I think what you are all doing is incredibly brave and important, and I’ve been noticing some of the backlash lately from the networks, with promos claiming that all of our favorite shows are disappearing. I hope you all stand strong against them, and against all the television watchers who buy into their propaganda. I’ve written letters to all the addresses you posted on your site a few weeks ago, and wish that there was more I could do, but until I think of anything else, I just wanted to send you, stee, and all the other writers my support. Keep up the excellent work, and thanks for keeping your readers informed on everything!


Hi Pamie,

I just read your post about the jogger who punched your sign and how you’ve been thinking/fuming/wishing you had acted differently. I wanted to send you some moral support because I know that feeling very well! Sometimes holding back on my initial gut reaction and trying to “process” what just happened takes too long and the moment is gone to stand up for yourself, and that sucks! However on the upside, if she just started taking this route and jogs by again, or someone else does something shitty like that, you are better prepared for next time. At least that’s how I try to think so that I can move past the fuming. :)Thanks for keeping everyone in the know about what’s been going on with the strike. It is definitely not covered well in the media (understatement) and though I haven’t done enough reading to know the half of it, I’ve been schooling my DVR-obsessed fiance and his friends on what’s up when they will listen. I wish you all the best with this and your future endeavors. Hope you can get back to Samantha Who when the time comes; I’ve really enjoyed it.

Oh and don’t worry about emailing back…I don’t know how you get it all done!


Hearing about the dissolution of negotiations (again!) as the AMPTP walks away (again!) I can’t help but suspect that maybe this was a ploy to sway public opinion. “Look, we’re bargaining again! What more do these greedy writers want!”

Fair deal girlie. Keep your chin up.

(Also, I got Karaoke Revolution because of your recommendations, and then I bought SingStar – you probably know about it, but it has the original artists and videos – Hellooooo 80′s graphics – and more importantly, a playback feature. Yup.)


Dear Pamie,

I want to write you my support during the strike. I can only imagine how difficult it is to stand by your convictions like that. I’m a student at the Vancouver Film School right now. I’m in the writing program. It’s been a difficult process for me, but I know now more than ever that I want to write for TV. So this strike is my future. I know you know this but I wanted to remind you, the strike isn’t just for writer’s that are working now, but for future writers. And as a future writer, I really appreciate what you’re out there doing for us. So keep up the good work, and I wish there was more that I could give to you, but thanks just the same. My best wishes to you and all the strikers. There is progress, but it isn’t over yet.


J.T. Howard
Future WGA member


I am sure you are exhausted but I wanted let you know that all of your readers (especially me) are unwavering in our support for you and the rest of the WGA.I wish I could send you all sunscreen, water, super comfortable footwear and a mute button (for the construction sounds).

Keeping it brief so you can rest.



I just re-read your story about meeting S.E. Hinton over at Scalzi’s Whatever and forgot how much I laughed when I read it the first time at I, too, was a total geek about “The Outsiders,” as was everyone in my fourth-grade class in Atlanta, Georgia. We were such geeks that we created an entire Outsider-verse, with a cast of female characters, and everyone was assigned to play a particular character at recess when we recreated rumbles. No one was a Soc, however. We didn’t know what madras was and were afraid of having to wear it. Members Only jackets served well for the Greasers. What can I say? It was the 80′s.

I also wanted to let you know that my thoughts are with you as you walk the picket line in the construction zone. I had a complete crisis of faith the day before Thanksgiving at the video store when I was wondering whether or not it was okay to rent the entire first season of Veronica Mars to take to northern Michigan with me for the holiday. I paced around the television section of the local movie store, wondering if that rental would constitute a strike violation. Eventually, I passed and went to the library instead. I hope that the writers are compensated fairly for their work and that they get back to that work soon! Until then, good luck!



There have been no perks to this strike, but discovering your site as a result does actually work to support the ying/yangish philosophy of good and bad things balancing each other out. I have several TV scribe friends, and I could never do what they do — what you do. I’m a non-union feature writer, a slow thinker, and I’m grateful to have had some success, though I really would love more. Case in point: I sold my car last week to pay the bills, swearing off even my non-union writing jobs. I’ve been meaning to walk more anyway, so selling my wheels really fed straight into the pipeline of my borrowed philosophy. I find myself doing things I wouldn’t normally do, of which this email qualifies. It’s really just to say thanks. For being light-hearted. When this strike is over and I can buy another TV, I swear I’ll watch your show.

Take care, ok.

Jay Frasco

Just a quick note to tell you how much I support you and all other writers in this strike.

A possible suggestion for your readers as we move into the gift-giving season. I’ve sent this note out to people I expect to exchange gifts with:

Special request on [my] behalf regarding her Christmas 2007 presents:
I am completely on the side of the WGA writers regarding their strike position. In keeping with this, I am asking that no one purchase any DVDs for me, until WGA writers receive 4% of residuals, and I will not be giving DVDs as gifts this year for the same reason.

I’ve pulled all my DVDs off my gift list at places like Amazon, and put them in a special wish list entitled: “DVDs: not until writers get 4%”

Anyway, I know it’s getting boring and tedious, but there are people who are thinking of you all, and trying to spread some of the real facts. (I can’t believe how many people, for example, think that TV writers are on salary.)

Hope you’re feeling better after the (ugh) accident.


I am surprised we haven’t heard from the cats on this striking matter… what their take is, since they TOO are the children who are suffering (in a sense) :-)

[Taylor has been very supportive, as he's used to strikes with his French background and all. Cal, however, just wants to watch 30 Rock again because he loves Alec Baldwin, and seems to think it's all my fault that the show isn't on right now and gets so mad he sometimes bites me on the shoulder.]

November mail:

Hi Pamie!
I can’t say that I read your blog religiously, but I can say that I used to. And then I got to college, and I got too caught up in being busy with schoolwork and, you know, watching TV. But I do still read on and off, when I want to be reminded of home–I’m from Austin–or when I feel need to procrastinate, which, I guess, is still pretty often.This semester, I’m taking a class about labor relations in the US in the 20th century. At the beginning of the semester, I think so many of us in the class thought that we had moved past strikes, and big management-labor disputes. And then all of a sudden, there’s a writer’s strike, and then right after that, the Broadway strike, which was a pretty big deal here in New York. Now, it’s impossible to think that we’ve passed big labor problems. The writers strike, especially, has been a big deal here, because we college kids kind of love TV.

Anyways, I just wanted to say that I (and most of my friends and classmates) support y’all 100%. We aren’t watching shows on the network websites, or downloading them, or anything. And, uh, I’ve seen more than a few Facebook groups dedicated to supporting the writers. And I don’t know if you know this, but when college students care about something, joining a Facebook group is kind of the best way we know to show our passion.

Thanks for keeping us entertained!


Dear pamie -
Like so many out in the great big world, I’ve been reading your site practically since you started it – we’re about the same age, see, and I have been able to feel less like a big ol’ dooftacular goober by reading that someone else is going through so many of the same things… though, truth be told, I never got that worked up about jeans.

Anywhoodle. A few weeks ago, I had to be in LA for work – I live in the southeast most of the time, and was out here going “Damn, I wish there was something I could do to show my support for pamie and Stee” when I realised I was going to be in LA.

And you know what? I *still* couldn’t strike with you guys ‘cos I was stuck in meetings almost the whole time! GRR. Argh! (Sorry, but I am a Whedonesque kinda gal) BUT! I was staying in Universal City, and any time I had to leave the hotel compound thingo, I made my drivers honk at the strikers on my way to and from various meetings. So there’s that. Which isn’t much. But hey, I do what I can.

But none of that is actually why I was writing. I have found an insidious and pretty revolting site…. well. “Revolting” to anyone who thinks that writers should, y’know, *get paid* for their writing. So add this to iTunes and networks and the list of folks to write to:
Feedback or Suggestions–
Product Support —
Press Inquiries —
Advertisers —
Content Owners —
Privacy Concerns —
Copyright Infringement Claims —
Legal Questions —
On their blog, they are even streaming a full episode of The Office because “we love this show!” Which, to my mind, is a pretty fuddup way of showing it. Let your readers know that this is another way that you and stee and Dan and… well, everyone who writes for television is being bent over, and that we won’t stand for it.’cos… If y’all aren’t writing it, what the hell am I watching anyhow? I like scripts, I like actors,I like storylines and plot arcs and all of that stuff. I have no interest in watching the guy from down the street try to make a dress out of newspaper or choose a suitcase at random. And I miss Jon Stewart (but that’s just ‘cos I am a selfish, horrible person).

But more than all of that? I want you and Jane Espenson and Joss Whedon and whoever else to actually be able to make a living entertaining me. It’s only what’s right.I know this is not as uplifting or heartwarming or fuzzybunnny as the rest of the letters you get, but I can’t write, so I’m not that concerned really. I mostly just wanted to let you know that Hulu pretty much blows a great goat and your fandom would probably like to know about that too.

subject: clam sign text
1. Li’l help!
2. One word: on strike

Hey, Pamie,

I must say that I have been thoroughly enjoying SW?, and I wish you and all the other writers the best possible outcome from the strike. This note is just a brief link to the extensive analysis in the academic linguistic community of forms like “X is the new Y”. Linguists are calling such forms “Snowclones”, and you read the latest collection here. Searching Languagelog for “snowclones” will yield many, many more.

Your bitter enemy from the Wonderfalls era at TWoP,
Scott(Mertseger there and elsewhere)

Okay, so how do we organize a movement where we all cancel our cable service until this thing is settled? My cable bill just went UP and I’m disgusted. Maybe if Comcast started losing customers there’d be some results.
Just sayin’,

Hi Pam

I didn’t know what a clam was before your post and now I do – as always, entertaining and informative. I thought of what I think is one for you but I’m not sure – Strikey McStrikerson. Maybe someone already had that idea and maybe it’s not even a clam but I thought I’d send it anyway. In my head, that last sentence sounded like Eyeore was saying it. Time to stop with the kids’ TV programs….I completely support the strike. I work in benefits in Canada and we have medicare to cover what your Blue Sheild covers. I cannot even conceive of not having the basics covered. I really sincerely hope that you writers get what you’re negotiating for. I find it baffling that people whose profits come more or less solely from what the writers create would quibble over what appears to be a not terribly significant part of their profits. It’s such a case of biting the hand that feeds you on the studios’ part. If you have no writers, you have no product and ergo, no profits. Maybe I’m missing something and maybe the profits/ benefits/ etc in question are substantial but still, no writers, no money seems a pretty simple equation to me.Anyway, good luck! I’ll be cheering for you all from the Great White North.


Hey Pam

I am coming to the party late to say I am thinking of you and sending you good vibes all the way from the other side of the country. Are you getting them? I hope so.I have read your blog for a long time, I think the first entry I loved was the one about Cal – hi five! I still hi-five my cat all the time because of that.

We’ve emailed before and you’ve always been the sweetest. Now everyone knows you are also the strongest.


Love,Emily in Boston

PS. I am so so glad you managed to escape the car crash unscathed (mostly). Don’t do that to us again. The Internet worries, you know.

Subject: Another strike clam?

“We’re getting our strike on.”

I haven’t been able to STOP noticing clams ever since reading your entry on it. (This may seriously impact my ability to enjoy Friends re-runs.) On last night’s Dancing with the Stars finale someone said they were “getting their dance on” which just sounded stupid to me.I fully support the WGA effort and will do what I can. I’ve never done the download / streaming / iTunes thing so I won’t have much impact on that market, but I will be requesting that I NOT be given DVD sets for Christmas this year – they’re usually a staple on my list. I think I got five boxed TV series last year and a couple more for my birthday. I had no idea how little you folks made from those! It’s appalling.

And I find it amazing how inaccurate some of the reporting on the strike is … in one MSNBC story they said the WGA wanted “more” money for [new media] – which I guess technically you do, since any would be more than you’re currently getting, but in my opinion it was misleading. As if you do already receive some payment for [new media], but you want even more. I don’t know – it just bothered me.

Anyway, good luck – I hope you guys get what you deserve. BTW, I loved your Young Americans recaps and am now loving Samantha, Who?

Mary Anne
Kennewick, WA

Hi Pamie:

I wanted to write you a quick email because your name has come up at quite a few random times recently, and there’s a part of me that still clings to the idealistic twelve year old I once was who believed everything happens for a reason. Anyway, I found your book “Why Mom are Weird” in Barnes & Noble the other day while hunting for the perfect gift for my own very… quirky? shall we say, mother. I flipped through the first few pages while in the store and actually laughed out-loud, so I promptly bought two copies (one for me and one for her). Then I went on and bought a copy of “Why Girls Are Weird,” as well, and I have started reading that this morning, but I felt the need to take a break and jot this email because it reminds me a lot of my own novel, “Pseudonym,” only mine did not take such a comical approach. My own novel is about a teenage girl who is bored with her own life and goes online pretending to be a twenty-something year-old writer from Los Angeles, who is really just an older, more centered version of herself. So far (and I’m only about one hundred pages in) I see a lot of similarities between your Anna and my Megyn, but considering I wrote mine months ago and have been shopping around for a publisher ever since, I must stress that said similarities were completely unintentional, as I hadn’t read yours yet. Please don’t sue (assuming it ever gets published); you’d only get a well-used Mariah Carey CD collection if you did :)

Oh, and also, I feel I must tell you that I absolutely LOVE “Samantha Who?” and applied for a job as ScriptSupervisor on the show after the pilot was shot, but sadly I never got a call to come in. Since the strike, I have been out of work as a Scripty, but I have been focusing on my first love of writing and have even walked the picket lines a couple of mornings over at NBC. I am hoping for a speedy end to this ordeal, but not at the expensive of the WGA caving in on what they really want (and deserve!). Anyway, I miss your writing at, but I’m glad I have found your own blog to get me through this rough time when my television sits quiet in the corner of my living room for longer and longer periods during the day.

Danielle T.

Hey there

I sent you an email a while back about Reform Through Reading, and then your personal shit hit the fan.

I am behind all y’all in the union-weak South, where I wish people had y’all’s gumption sometimes. Nashville’s songwriters have had similar problems with their online sales going everywhere but in their pocket, and I hope y’all’s good work can make Hollywood do right.From one Southern girl to another, with hopes for a quick and best-case resolution:



Long-time lurker/reader, first-time emailer. (Does that count as a clam, or just a stupid intro?)

Anyway, I’ve been a longtime fan of yours, from TWOP recaps to your blog to SamWho.

I seriously support all of the WGA and the strike, and wish you the best during this difficult time.



Thanks everybody for writing, and for keeping me fighting the fight. It’s gonna rain all week and I still don’t have an umbrella. You know what’s hard? Trying to write a novel during “pencils down.” You’d think it’d be a refreshing change of pace and a good excuse to type words in a sentence. Nope. It feels like I’m trying to tell a story in a foreign language, or describe a dream I’ve mostly forgotten.

what i get for tooling around the internet at this hour.

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In the seemingly never-ending list of examples where my name is screwed up, this one is pretty good.

pretty, pretty, pretty good.

Name Dropping… and Shattering.

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A criticism an old boyfriend used to give me (I’ll leave out his name so that it doesn’t look like I’m complaining) is that I go too far back in time to start my stories.

“I ask you when did you return the video,” he’d say, “and you start with, ‘Back when I was six, I had these shoes, and…’”

But I still believe that sometimes you have to go a little farther back than you expected, so that the retelling has a similar emotional experience for you as it had for me when it happened.

So, back when I was six, I had these shoes, and…

Okay, not that far back. But it does start with me taking a bath.

I was in the bath a couple of weeks ago, and for some reason I started thinking of my TWoP bio page, and how I think I was supposed to update it about a year ago. (What? Don’t you get into the bath and think about all the things you were supposed to be doing instead of keeping your head underwater to drown out the reality of life? Just me? Oh.) Anyway, I was thinking about my TWoP bio page, because I’m weird. I was thinking, for some reason, about my list of likes and dislikes.

books are not on strike

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My latest sew-sew-sew projects are from Every Day something-something-Japanese.

Making a blouse from a Japanese pattern resulted in two things: I felt extremely proud of myself when I created something that looked similar to the picture, seeing as how the directions are in Japanese. And two: it ended up being too small for my American Chest, so enviously-petite AB received new free handmade clothing in the mail.

Jonathan Franzen: How to Be Alone: Essays

“Hey, Pamie.  How ya feelin’ these days?”

“Hey, Pamie. How ya feelin’ these days?”

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[Photo by Rafael Garcia]