books! and crackheads.

Over 350 books and a thousand dollars have already been sent to the Harrison County Library System. Thank you so much for being so good.

A long time ago, while listening to Power 106, stee and I talked about how important the cowbell is to that radio station. First of all, it sounds like sixty people are in that little room, all talking over each other, cheering whenever one of them says “Compton!” or “Holla!” Like, I’m pretty sure there’s a cheerleading team in there. And then, through it all, the sound of the cowbell.

“Who do you think rings that cowbell?” stee once asked when we were driving.

“I imagine it’s this tiny little crackhead guy, in the corner. All he can do is clanga-clanga-clanga.”

“Aw. I love Crackhead Cowbell.”

Sunday night, while watching Entourage, there’s a scene inside the Power 106 studio. “Look! It’s Power 106!” I said to stee.

“Aw,” he said, disappointed. “They’re pushing a button for the cowbell.”

“Yeah, that is disappointing.”

A few minutes passed. “Do you think they couldn’t get him?” stee asked.


“Crackhead cowbell.”

I took a moment. “Stee. We made him up. Remember?”

I saw him remember. I saw his face fall like I had told him about Santa. I quickly backtracked. “You know how much Crackhead Cowbell probably asked to be on the show? He knows he IS Power 106. He was like, ‘Y’all just try and do it without me. Push a button. I’ll go smoke some crack.”

He smiled. “Yeah, that’s probably what happened.”

“Crackhead Cowbell is better than this.”

Another minute passed. stee asked, “But doesn’t the radio station make enough money to pay for whatever he wants? I mean, he’s probably under contract. Why didn’t they make him be on the show?”

“Stee,” I said, trying not to get sucked into this weird vortex. “It’s Entourage that wouldn’t pay for him. We’re watching a show that’s not real.”

I saw it on stee’s face before he caught himself. “Dude, I know that.”

He not only was looking for Crackhead Cowbell, he couldn’t understand why Power 106 wouldn’t make sure The CC got to meet Aquaman. This is my husband. He’s awesome.